Book Report on Zemyatin’s We

Book Report on Zemyatin’s We

Many people know about the dystopian novels Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World, which are celebrated as inventive and subversive pieces of literature for giving somewhat disturbing predictions of possible futures of society. Though somewhat not known as well as these two works, a predecessor to both is Yevgeny Zemyatin’s We. If you happen to be a fan of stories taking place in the future that is portrayed in a rather cynical and apocalyptic perspective on society and government, then We is definitely recommended. The plot is told through the diary of a certain D-503, a man who lives in the so-called One State which forces its population into strict conformity rules and orderly regulations. While D-503 is content and enthusiastic about his home and his life in the beginning of the novel, influences from I-330, a woman in connection with a subversive group called the Mephi, chip away at D-503’s self-assurance and devotion to the One State, eventually driving him into a confused and tortured condition. As D-503’s personal world seems to go awry, the physical world around him also appears to become enveloped in a sort of chaos as the One State begins to lose out to the encroaching but discreetly ubiquitous Mephi. Such desperate times would eventually force the One State to take desperate actions against its own people…

Written in Zemyatin’s absorbing metaphoric style, We is a thrilling adventure of rebellion and intrigue that is sure to entertain even the most politically conservative minds.

By Eric Odynocki