Women’s History Month

As the LC’s Books For Africa campaign comes to a close, we thought we’d do one more thing to prove that spreading literacy throughout the world is one of our proudest achievements. In honor of Women’s History Month, members of our club donated a small sum to the Room to Read Foundation, a charity that provides young women with the means necessary to gain literacy skills. In this case, our money will be used to help build a library to store the book donations that the good people at Room to Read have received. To see what you can do to help, visit them at http://www.roomtoread.org/about/index.html
Happy Women's History Month!

More Books For Africa Shipped

We shipped 260lbs, bring our total to 950lbs!


Emily Hutton (vice Prez) Joel Tornquist (good guy)

3rd Annual LC500 Salem Road Rally/Scavenger Hunt

You are hereby invited to take part in The Library Club’s 3rd Annual LC500, a road rally and scavenger hunt in historic Salem, MA. This year’s event will involve solving a series of clues that will lead teams through the streets of one of New England’s most charming and seasonally festive cities. Winners will be awarded a grand prize, compliments of The Library Club. Form a team of your own or allow the club to pair you with other groups or individuals looking for additional members. If last year’s hunt is any indication, this will be a very fun and memorable experience for all.

This year the club will be putting together a more challenging packet of clues for our participants. For this reason, we will need to know how many teams will require the tools necessary to solve our challenging puzzles. The size of each group will also determine the size of the grand prize, so please RSVP as soon as possible to help us put together the best event possible.

The Library Club is on the Map!

You can now give us a Google on Google Maps to see our stomping ground.  Click on the map below.