More Books For Africa Shipped

We shipped 260lbs, bring our total to 950lbs!


Emily Hutton (vice Prez) Joel Tornquist (good guy)

More Books For Books For Africa

The Library Club has sent 50lbs of exciting textbooks to Books For Africa bringing our total to 690lbs.

If you want to show a little love to Books For Africa here is where you can donate…

The LC in full effect

From left to right Danny, Maria, Kristen, and boxes.

From behind the camera TMV

Going Global

Over the course of the past several months, the SBU Library Club has been working in conjunction with Frank Melville Library staff members Aimee de Chambeau, Joel Tornquist, and Maryanne Vigneaux to take part in a campaign designed to help end the book famine in many African universities. The club, comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, was led by its president, Lauren Guenvere, and its two staff advisors, Victor Santiago and Kristen Reynolds, as a goal of $450 was raised to send 17 boxes (roughly 640 pounds) of current textbooks to St. Paul, MN, where the books were sorted and shipped to the countries in need. Most of the books were obtained from donations to the library by patrons and local community members and had copyright dates of 1985 or later. The club was delighted to see that so many staff members empathized with this dilemma, and generously contributed, by means of cash donation, to this cause. It was a wonderful thing!

The Library Club plans to continue this project as long as interest remains. A fund has been established to receive donations to help cover the cost of shipping, which amounts to approximately $16 per box. All donations are tax exempt. Feel free to contact The Library Club at to see how you can help do your part to continue this campaign.


Taken from the annual SBU Library Newsletter, February 2008

Books For Africa

We here at The Library Club understand school can be tough. However, imagine how much tougher it would be without the books that we take for granted.

Books For Africa is a charity that takes books, sends them to Africa, and gets them into the hands that need them the most.


We have many donated books, but we need money for postage to send them from Stony Brook University to the Books For Africa’s warehouse in Minneapolis Minnesota where they are packed into large cargo containers and then can be shipped to Africa.


If you donate funds for postage you will get a button or a banner on our Books For Africa page with your company’s name and a link to your site as well as any contact information you provide. You can as an alternative provide your own button/banner if you have one.

Click here for examples of banner sizes

$10 will get you a 120 X 90 pixels button
$20 will get you a 234 X 60 pixels banner
$25 will get you a 120X 240 pixels banner
$30 will get you a 392 X 72 pixels banner
$40 will get you a 468 X 60 pixels banner
$50 will get you a 120 X 600 pixels banner
$60 will get you a 160 X 600 pixels banner

$70 and over will get you a 300 X 600 and a blog post telling the world how wonderful you are.

You can send check/money orders payable to…..

SBF 220720

to the following address

The Library Club
c/o Victor Santiago
S3410 Melville Library
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3339

All donations are Tax Deductible!

If you are close to us and have current, quality textbooks some books you want to donate to Books
For Africa, feel free to contact us at thelibraryclub @ and you will get a amazing post to show your friends and family.

If you happen to be on the SBU campus and want to donate funds in person please come to third floor stacks of the Melville Library and ask to speak to Victor or Kristen.