The Library Club’s Online Swag


Stuff We All Get

Cool Internet Radio


Jack 101.1 Because it’s that damn cool! (cool videos as well) Very mellow 😉

(Much Love To Paul Weiner, thanks for the hook up!)

Online Music Studio…io1/onemusic/studio/

Fun and Games

Mind Altering Flash Games by Orisinal (click on the ads to help the author out!)

3D Pong from Liquid Media

More Flash Games to get addicted to…/site.asp?page=games

Mame Games in your browser

Send Free Text Messages to phones

jux2 will search Google, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves and show you the best results.

Free Programs

Tiny Apps

Sharefolders between friends and family

IM Stuff

IMCourier is a free service that lets users
of AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ
check their IMs from anywhere in the

Ten by Ten×10.html

USB Thumb Drive Prgrams

Move large files with out P2P programs

Cool Blogs

Online Coupons Codes and Promotions




Morphases is an online next generation software in face manipulation

Grandma most Hardcore

Big Eye in the Sky, live 360

Daily Lush

Get you Web on

Clone cool web apps easily, hell cool. -Victor

Site submitted by Paul Weiner

An index of the collective knowledge and opinions of (if you’re sadistic enough to care)

News aggregator that tracks entities and events across multiple sources.

Submitted by Christopher Wright

2 Responses

  1. good stuff! more of this. 🙂

    ICQ Download

  2. This philosophy moves the library deeper into the realms of openness, transparency, and participation. ,

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