Youtube Review

 Scary ‘Mary Poppins’ Recut Trailer

Submitted by Surge

Hawaii Chair

Submitted by TMV

Tunak Tunak Tun


Charlie bite me


The Machine Girl trailer


The Library Club’ Youtube Review

From Rachel

Coming from a physics background, I personally think the above is a
fascinating demonstration of basic physical principles.  Others may
beg to differ…

From Sinana


I liked it very much because the story is very interesting. This beautiful singer became famous because of youtube. She just recorded her song and broadcasted in youtube. After 2.3 million click, she is assumed one of the superstars in USA. Further, her article was written in Wall Street Journal.

From Meghan

Drama Prarie Dog
This critter’s ready for a career in a soap opera.

Japanese Game Show
Takes place in a library, and the loser faces come awful consequences.

Human Tetris
Another Japanese game show, where the contestants have to fit into the shapes.

Trigger Happy TV
Careful walking the streets of London, you never what can happen…

This guy is amazing on ukulele, playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

The Library Club Youtube Review

cute baby sloth

Indian Thriller

Same as above, but with Misheard lyrics subtitles

Llama song

Google Hacks

Google Video Hack

They are also Ninjas

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The Library Club’s Youtube Review

March of the Librarians

Submitted by ????

A techno version of the scene when Sam explains to Gollum what “taters” are. Mashed Taters (Remix)

“Lord of the Rings Super Special Limited Edition Hyper-Extended Director’s Collection DVD Boxed Set”
THE ultimate LOTR collector’s item, as featured on Australian late-night talk show “Rove Live”.

Submitted by Meghan

Baby powder fart

Submitted by Anita

Hunter S. Thompson on Richard Nixon and More

Submitted by Victor

The Library Club’s Youtube Review

“Dread Pirate Robers Seminar”

To those of you that remember “The Princess Bride”: Now, you too, can join the Dread Pirate Roberts crew and make loads of money!

The Library Club Youtube Review

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Beautiful documentary displaying the vicious destruction of an entire bee colony by a pack of rampaging hornets. Nature at one of its most revealing moments.

Submitted by Raja

“I’m German”

“There’s something I need to tell you”….A confession. Fess up, you know you wish you were too. Strap on your lederhosen and let’s polka!!

“German Coast Guard”

“Vat are you sinkin’ about?”

Enjoy !! 😛

Submitted by Meghan

The Library Club Youtube Review

“I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!”

That’s right.  The JUGGERNAUT…Bitch!

Clips from the old X-Men animated series, but their voices are dubbed over. 

Wikipedia Entry:

Liandra (the chick with the mohawk)
Professor Charles Xavier
The Juggernaut
Black Tom Cassidy (the bearded dude with the pimp cane)
Erik the Red (the dude in the red armour)
Banshee (the dude in green & yellow)
Gladiator (the purple dude with the blue mohawk)
Gambit )

“Crazy Impatient German Kid” Kids these days have no patience.  But nothing’s scarier than this kid yelling at the computer, waiting for his damn game to load.  In German.  The version with subtitles can be found here:[Youtube=]

Submitted by Meghan

How to keep a Band-Aid on all day Japanese Style!


Submitted by Victor