Google Hacking

Some people have expressed interest in Google Hacking and at a recent LC meeting we decided it would be okay to post a few videos that go into what Google Hacking is.

Here you go…..

Noobies and those who do not know what that means should start here….


Google Hacks Volume I

Google Hacks Volume II

Google Hacks Volume III

Other Videos

Protect Yourself From Hackers

Secret Google Video Categories Hacked *Reposted*


Some neat Google hack sites taken from



Nothing like Spring Break for procrastination – attempts to do honest work in front of a computer turns into a protracted surfing session. Well, here are our favorite time wasters


Tron (For the Old Schoolers)

Come on, we dare you.

Addicting Game with a Red Ball

MadLibs galore for all you who like to have fun with those!

Remember number munchers? Here you go!

Drifting in a Mercedes

The descendant of Number Munchers- Manna Munchers!


Site: (cool blog found on


(Do not miss Air Hockey




Miniclip has some decent games.. good quality.. fun.. and I think

Then there is pogo..

Old School NES Online

Free Games to Download! (Yes, legally)

Special Kontributions by John’s Nephews

A LONG overdue Web Review

A quick pick meup. 15 seconds a pure ridiculous pleasure. No I am not reviewing anything sexual. Sickos, get your minds out of the gutter.

There comes a time in the day, no matter how you spend your days, where the monotony of it all just gets to be too much. I have found that these two comics are often the laugh I need to keep moving. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my life, I do (very much so). However, I quite often need a good laugh.

The first comic is produced by an artist named Natalie Dee. Its updated every night at midnight.

The second comic is a collaboration of Natalie Dee and her husband Drew. Again, updated at midnight, everynight, without fail.

Drew also has his own comic, but I am not much a fan of it. However to be fair, I will post the link incase you find it enjoyable.

They also sell tshirts! I know I’m sporting my “You have Cholera!” t-shirt as we speak.

More updates coming soon I promise. Its about time we get this blog back up and running.


The Library Club Web Review 

It has live concerts, old news recording, lectures, and just a multitude of stuff. 

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I love videos! On this page you can check out some of Google’s pay-per-view content for free (yes legally). 

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Victor — a random assortment of geeky stuff is published by a Microsoft employee working on Outlook. He
maintains a C++ library and a MinGW distribution, has written a guide to using Modern C++, has ratings for an impressive amount of science fiction and anime, and keeps a large index of quotations. And that's just what he's been updating recently.Another notable portion of the site is his Deus Ex page. Deus Ex is the greatest game ever made; contains an annotated copy of
all text found in the game (and there's quite a lot of it.)
Be safe, be suspicious!Submitted by