Google Hacking

Some people have expressed interest in Google Hacking and at a recent LC meeting we decided it would be okay to post a few videos that go into what Google Hacking is.

Here you go…..

Noobies and those who do not know what that means should start here….


Google Hacks Volume I

Google Hacks Volume II

Google Hacks Volume III

Other Videos

Protect Yourself From Hackers

Secret Google Video Categories Hacked *Reposted*


Some neat Google hack sites taken from



Nothing like Spring Break for procrastination – attempts to do honest work in front of a computer turns into a protracted surfing session. Well, here are our favorite time wasters


Tron (For the Old Schoolers)

Come on, we dare you.

Addicting Game with a Red Ball

MadLibs galore for all you who like to have fun with those!

Remember number munchers? Here you go!

Drifting in a Mercedes

The descendant of Number Munchers- Manna Munchers!


Site: (cool blog found on


(Do not miss Air Hockey




Miniclip has some decent games.. good quality.. fun.. and I think

Then there is pogo..

Old School NES Online

Free Games to Download! (Yes, legally)

Special Kontributions by John’s Nephews

A LONG overdue Web Review

A quick pick meup. 15 seconds a pure ridiculous pleasure. No I am not reviewing anything sexual. Sickos, get your minds out of the gutter.

There comes a time in the day, no matter how you spend your days, where the monotony of it all just gets to be too much. I have found that these two comics are often the laugh I need to keep moving. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my life, I do (very much so). However, I quite often need a good laugh.

The first comic is produced by an artist named Natalie Dee. Its updated every night at midnight.

The second comic is a collaboration of Natalie Dee and her husband Drew. Again, updated at midnight, everynight, without fail.

Drew also has his own comic, but I am not much a fan of it. However to be fair, I will post the link incase you find it enjoyable.

They also sell tshirts! I know I’m sporting my “You have Cholera!” t-shirt as we speak.

More updates coming soon I promise. Its about time we get this blog back up and running.


The Library Club Web Review 

It has live concerts, old news recording, lectures, and just a multitude of stuff. 

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I love videos! On this page you can check out some of Google’s pay-per-view content for free (yes legally). 

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Victor — a random assortment of geeky stuff is published by a Microsoft employee working on Outlook. He
maintains a C++ library and a MinGW distribution, has written a guide to using Modern C++, has ratings for an impressive amount of science fiction and anime, and keeps a large index of quotations. And that's just what he's been updating recently.Another notable portion of the site is his Deus Ex page. Deus Ex is the greatest game ever made; contains an annotated copy of
all text found in the game (and there's quite a lot of it.)
Be safe, be suspicious!Submitted by



I say adult onset diabeties and you think…?  You think of Pimp My Snack, the wonderful website that gives you a plethora of ways to take the candy and snacks that you enjoy and pimp them out into hideous monsters that the food snack industry doesn't want you to know about.  These pimps more often than not simply include creating a larger, much larger, version of an everyday snack that you enjoy, such as freaking big Toblerone chocolate bars.  Well, that's it.  Enjoy your snacking and don't forget to get 20-30 minutes of cardio excersize 3 times per week, plus 20-30 minutes more of weight training excersizes 2-3 times per week. 


Not exactly what I promised…

There are still no pictures from the Library Club's trip to Montauk. Forgive me, I've been stressed out and haven't had the time to resize and upload the pictures. They are, however, on my computer, and will be dealt with soon enough.

In other news, a web review is due. Liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans and the host of other political parties in this country are generally misinformed. Why are they misinformed? The facts, statistics, and ads supporting their political party of choice are skewed to fit the political agenda, and make the other folks look bad. It's sad but true. We are all guilty of it, and so are they. The way something is framed has great influence on your decision-making. The problem is, most of the time, we don't question what's fed us. This is an attempt to fix that. is a non-partisan site which checks democratic and republican ads, speeches, etc. against the actual facts. No more skewed statistics, no more wondering whom to believe, its all here. They go after everyone and everything, which is the only fair thing to do. So all you political savvy people out there check and make sure you, in fact, know your facts.


The Library Club Web Review

You have to check this out 

Here's the review for "Ice Age 2 The Meltdown"

Be sure to check in before going to the theatre.  You never know what evils
Hollywood might be trying to force upon you.

Submitted by Kristen  

Hi! I love reading Letterman's Top Ten List. It can be
that little ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy
day. It's updated daily. The lists about Bush are
hysterical! Check it out!

Submitted by Kenny P


I often am asked how I find out about cool websites.  One very interesting way is by the social bookmarking site  Social bookmaking is away to explore what other people have bookmarked and explore the bookmarks of whomever else bookmarked the same page.  This creates a very cool web of interrelated links to explore.  All for free!  🙂

Be sure to check out The Library Clubs account.

Submitted by Victor