Sugar and Spice

“Yes, I Would Like Coffee with my Milk and Sugar, Thank You”

By Eric Odynocki

So this is not a book report, but a review of a café I and other members of the Library Club went to the other day after work. Ever since I have come back from Spain, I have had an insistent craving for coffee and to sip it amongst friends in a cozy café. Living out in the middle of suburbia affords only the McDonalds of coffee joints, Starbucks, to enjoy such a social activity. I absolutely despise Starbucks coffee for its horrible taste. I really think their brand should not be even called coffee at all and I am doubtful as to the validity of their coffee beans actually being coffee beans and not some other foul substance which looks like them (I’ll allow your imaginations to conjure up what I insinuate…)

Getting back on topic, my search for a good café where I could drink warm beverages like the cappuccinos I enjoyed in Europe have been met with much disappointment. Even the coffee joints in the ritzy town near the university were disillusioning since their drinks did not satisfy my expectations and their stores close too early for my friends and I to hang out there after work or let alone on a Saturday night. I complained of my failed quests to Victor, the Library Club advisor, who then suggested the “Milk and Sugar Café” in Bayshore. The name sounded magical and due to his enthusiasm, I was eager to try this place out. Hence, a Library Club field trip was born.

While it is on the complete opposite shore of Long Island in relation to Stony Brook, I would have to say the forty-minute-or-so trip was well worth it. The café was more of a restaurant, but not very big. Though not bohemian, the setting was not snobbishly aristocratic either, being very warm and inviting, with comfortable furniture placed throughout the dining room, though perhaps a bit too formal for my taste. The service was very helpful and immediate, though not rushed like in a diner or other eatery. The cappuccino I had was delicious and exactly what I had been looking for. My companions were also more than satisfied with their teas and coffee that they chose. The variety of beverages is remarkable and not redundantly fancy like in other coffee joints where the combination of flavors and ingredients becomes another language or secret code that only the most frequent of customers can crack (None of this fake corporate jargon: “Yeah, could I get a double frappe-mocha-choco-choco-chai-latte-frizzle…)

Though a tad bit on the pricey side, I would recommend the “Milk and Sugar Café” over Starbucks any day. The café’s quality is superbly better and might actually be cheaper. Who can resist that? After a crazy week at work, or a long time of not seeing old friends, or enjoying time with a significant other, the “Milk and Sugar Café” is sure to please you in any circumstance.

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