Time to renew!

A message from DW…

All students must be registered for the Winter or Spring semester in order to qualify for library borrowing privileges. After registering, it can take 24 to 36 hours for registration information to be reflected on your borrowing record. At that time, you may renew your material at the library or online.
All students who currently have library materials checked out, must return them before Dec. 21, 2007 to avoid late fees, or renew them online via their STARS account. Items that have been renewed more than three times must be returned. At that time, you will be able to check them back out if necessary.

All library patrons are responsible for checking their STARS accounts online to ensure that items have been properly renewed and that no materials are overdue. Patrons are liable for any library fines accrued.

For information on how to renew via STARS/OPAC, please go to the URL:

To renew in person, please present your ID card to service desk staff.  It is not necessary to bring the material into the library in order to have them renewed.  There are no phone renewals.  Thank you.

Microform Tutorial

Here is a simple tutorial for the Microform reader in the Central Reading Room.

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SBU West Campus Library Fines have changed

Heads Up

As of June 1, 2006 the borrowing block will decrease from $15.00 to $5.00.

The overdue fine for hourly Reserve items will be increased from 2 cents per minute to 10 cents.

Maximum overdue fines for regular loan books will be increased from $10.00 to $15.00.

 The maximum fine for Reserve loans will increase from $10.00 to $85.00.

Don’t forget to check out the guide for avoiding fines. 


Remember, the library is free, just renew and return on time.


The Library Club Guide to Avoiding Fines

Being fined is part of life (deep, I know but it is true). 

It happens all who borrow from the library at some point.  You are in good company if you do.   

That said let us avoid it like the plague. 

Take a look at the borrowing polices because if you are going to be held to them you ought to read them once, it will not hurt but it will make you sleepy.  Policies do that.  http://sunysb.edu/~library/services/circulation/borrowing.html 

Here is what you need to know to avoid the most common causes of fines. 

Recalls  You got your book and you are given a due date.  It is important to know that due dates can change meaning you may have to bring the book back earlier. 

Here is the recall policy. http://sunysb.edu/~library/services/circulation/recalls.html 

It can be annoying to get books recalled from you, yet it can be a lifesaver to place a recall…how Zen.  

Keeping in mind that you can have items recalled it will be less of a disturbance when it happens. 

The library will inform you by sending you an e-mail and/or send you a letter when one of your items has been recalled.  

Hint: If you are going out of town make sure someone can get to your books to bring them back if they are recalled.  Recall fines are $1.00 a day, after 10 days the item is declared lost at which point you will be blocked for borrowing, official transcripts and diplomas not to mention a $10 overdue charge when you bring the book in.      :-0    

So long as your library account has the right information in it (which is up to you and that is a good thing), you will get the recall notice 10 days before you have to bring it in, thus avoiding the blocks and the fines. This takes us to another thing…. 

E-mail/Mailing Address 

By default all library notices will go to your SBU SPARKY account, so you will either want to use that e-mail account or  forward it to account you use.  You can forward it to account you use here … http://www.sinc.sunysb.edu/helpdesk/?email#forward.  

If you have changed your e-mail in SOLAR to a ‘preferred e-mail’ be doubly sure that your library account has the right info.    

When taking out a book I suggest asking the person at the desk to make sure your mailing address and e-mail are okay. 

Just ask, really, it’s okay… it is up to you to make sure the info is good. 


You can only renew something three times, then you have to bring it back to the library. IF AND ONLY IF no one has placed a hold on the item you can check the book out again.  

A hold simply means someone else wants the book so you cannot renew it thus you must bring it in.  Again the policy is bad when you have to bring the book in, good if you are the one the needs the book. 

Do not assume there are no holds on any of your items when you renew, ‘assume’ spells naughtiness.   

Hint: Be careful if you take many items out at once, because you will have to bring them back at some point if you want to keep them…how Zen like. 

Hint: Be careful if you live far away because you will have to come back at some point! 

Hint: The library will send out a courtesy notice seven days before the book is due, in the e-mail there is link to STARS so you can log on to your account and renew your itmes.  Renew as soon as you get the e-mail.  

If you are unsure if you successfully renewed all you items just call library and ask, the number is 631-632-7115.  

Hint: If you are going out of town make sure someone can get to your books to bring them back if they get a hold placed on them and you cannot renew it. 

BTW: You cannot renew “reserve” items.  😦   


Bring the book back before it is overdue or renew the book before it is overdue and you will never be fined. 

Submitted by Victor