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Welcome to the SBU Library Club Blog!

Contact The LC
(631) 791-5821

The Library club
S3410 Melville Library
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3339

What is The Library Club about?

The LC is made up of Graduates, Undergraduates, Alumni, Staff and friends we’ve made on the internet that have shown interest in information literacy. The goal is to create a community of people that will work for the common goal of making the college experience at SBU the best it can be and contribute to the greater community.

The Library Club will improve the Library by working with those in charge to make it as student friendly as possible. This would look great if added to a resume, since members would be dealing with the staff and faculty directly, which would therefore put you in the position to form some powerful alliances. Since the Library Club is made mostly of fellow student workers and their friends it is a great place to meet new and engaging people.

The Library has always been a very social place; together we can make the best Library imaginable while doing some good and having a good time with your friends.

Mission Statement
_“The bridge between the SBU community and the library.”

– Creating awareness of library events.
– Creating fun, educational events.
– Acting as a conduit between student organizations and the library.
– Promoting library and SBU resources for students.
– Creating opportunities for the library to further integrate with the student community.

The Team
• President Lauren Guenveur.
• Vice President Steven Lee.
• Treasurer Anuj Malhotra.
• Secretary Cher Armstrong.
• Web Design/Graphics/LC Radio Lauren Guenveur.
• Staff Ad visors  Kristen Reynolds and John Amrhein.

Quick FAQ
• The library club which is also know as “The LC” (a parody on The OC and ironically a play on the Library of Congress) has been in existence officially for 2 semesters.

• The LC unofficially originated in the summer of 2004 with a core group of student assistances that befriended each other. Given their understanding of library concerns and student concerns they felt a syntheses should be formed to address both. The LC is a bridge for that synthesis. The Student Undergraduate Government agreed and the club was formed. The LC is open to all SBU students and further promotions will be on the way.

Send questions, comments and any thing that can be sent by e-mail over the “internets” to… thelibraryclub@gmail.com And thank you for your support!

Wonderful Disclaimer! The views on this blog are not necessarily the view of Stony Brook University (referred to as SBU) or any affiliates including the SBU Library Club.

3 Responses

  1. Greetings!
    I am an adviser of a Library Club here in our school in the Philippines. I and my students were so amazed with your organization..I mean, you’ve got a large scope of mission. We then thought of joining you if possible. Though we’re in the Philippines, we believe we can still do other means to participate in your programs. We really like to join library clubs or book clubs in other places like yours. We hope you will consider our wish. In behalf of our club, i thank you.

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