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  1. I am involved, with several colleges and several libraries. I am here t o attempt to use this great dea site, to link all my college/library activities together, I am attempting to formulate an interactive community of intellilectual people, for the sake of communications. As this is part of the group site goal statement, i am wondering if anyone would like to open a dialogue, on how to more rapidly accomplish this connectivity. Thanx again for this great ideologism.


  2. I have several, under priveledged persons, whom use the library internet to accomplish communications with the world. I am attempting to uce communication connectivity (Library Club), to form a more advanced community for accelerating their efforts, toa a more rapid self help system. ( i love the fact “LC” is a play on the title “LIBRARY OF CONGRESS”. That is not only ironic, it is a lso poetic justice”. Thanx again for theis great Ideologism.


  3. I have made this site one of my “FAVORITES”. (“I have acategotized system for categorizing all “FAVORITES” entries. This means, i will be visiting here often, with only two clicks to get here. I really hope this site is the solution to that for which i am attempting.

    I believe the entire world wide web, can be maqde into a single library book, for each member, right down to the connection to the web. I believe, i can develop a personal website, wherein the entire world wide web from my single perspective,can be formatted into a single volume, on a library shelf,(E-Library). I have always believed this, and w as the purpose of ever getting online from the beginning, of my experience. I wrote two novels before i ever connected to the internet.

    U determined with a bit of training, i could develop enough skills, to “BOOK” the entire world wide web experience. This is the first time, i have encountered anyone, else, whom, comprehends this ideology, You are the first also to share my opinion, from a comprehension perspective. Thanx again fro this great idealogism.


  4. Anyone using this forum, can be assured someone is here, for i have made it my business, to monitor all activity on this forum, and this entire website. If this website, does that which i am attempting, this website will become my new homepage, and my own upcoming website will be simply an illustrative, example, of how to accomplish the “BOOK” formatting of the world wide web.

    Everything on the worldwide web is already alphabetized, and enumerated. It will be the dewey decimal system, which will coordinate the individual book, (E-LIBRARY VOLUME(S0), TOGETHER TO FORM AN ONLINE LIBRARY. For instance, my personal website, identification, will be “S’ because this is the FIRST letter in my last name. (author(s) identification),code)

    Sincerely Chico.

  5. The couch has this evening arrived and it is wonderful! I’m going to curl up in front of it and get an episode of xfiles on… Come on

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