Woooo! First Vidcast, turn your volume up…

Edit: Download Vidcast YrJKW-F5VfM.mp4


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  1. Chai TEA Latte is my favorite drink at starbucks.

    Doesnt the library club know how to use Wikipedia! C’mon ninjas and pirates need to know where to get their loot.

    Italian origin

    In Italian, latte (IPA: [ˈlat̪t̪e], anglicised as IPA: /ˈlɑːteɪ/) is simply the word for milk. What in English-speaking countries is now called a latte would be referred to in Italy as “caffè e latte” (in colloquial Italian “caffellatte” – with one or two “l”[1]), literally “coffee and milk”, (From Wikipedia)

    * In Asia and North America, lattes have been combined with Asian teas. Coffee and tea shops now offer hot or iced latte versions of chai, matcha (Japanese powdered green tea), and Royal milk tea.

    * Other flavorings can be added to the latte to suit the taste of the drinker. Vanilla, chocolate, and caramel are all popular variants.

    Love Jamie

  2. LOL

    We’re tired…and need a latté. 🙂

    The LC

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