Library Club Underground Costume Contest

Library Club underground Costume Contest

With a twistthis time you send us a picture of you looking your best, email to us by Wednesday, November 7th.

Here are the categories

Funniest: We want to look at you and laugh! So make it funny!

Best: Time, effort, detail, that is what we care about.

Scariest: We want to look at you and faint.

And the coveted Spirit of Halloween Award: Show us what Halloween is all about.

Group: We want to see who can get the largest group of costumed people in one shot!


No Photoshop, if we even suspect it the judges will toss you out of the running.

You have to be a student, staff member, FOTL or alumni.

The photo has to in a gif, png, or jpeg format.

The photo has to be send to with the subject heading Halloween

You have to label the photo in the following configuration

Participant-type.Category.Last name.First name

For example:


Good Luck

<<<Why underground this year?…That answer is for another post.>>>



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