How to Start A Library Club



We here at The Library Club would like to see Library Clubs spring up all across the planet. To aid in this endeavor we have a manual to get you started. If you have a library club let us know and we’ll link up with your site.

E-mail us questions and we’ll answer them on the blog.

Good Luck!

The LC


7 Responses

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would appreciate if you help me with some hints on how to start a library.

    David B.

  2. i would like to start a library in my community but i do not know how i hope to learn and collaborate with you.
    ans also help me get some free books.

    thank you

  3. I’ll try to get one of thsoe going in my neck of the woods.

  4. thank for this reference

  5. Hello,
    The reading culture in my community has declined astronomically as well as the lack of reading materials especially for the less previledged.
    That has made me come up with the idea of starting a library and book club that will cater for children mostly.
    Can you please advice me on how to go forward with my plans?

  6. I want to start a library for my community and i don’t know where to start. Please help.

  7. I would like to start a library for the children in my community.

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