Dining out in the Witch City

As many of you know, The LC recently shook up the small, yet swingin’ town of Salem, Massachusetts, in our first ever Books for Africa charity scavenger hunt. We had a great time running amok, taking pictures of sites, landmarks, and obliging pirates, as well as some pretty cool cops who were kind enough to let us hop on their bikes. It was the epitome of awesomeness. During our excursion we also had the pleasure (or misfortune, as I will later explain) of dining in two of Salem’s (in)famous restaurants: Jaho Coffee & Tea and Brothers Diner. Allow me to enthusiastically promote the former.


Jaho Coffee & Tea was introduced to us by a frequent customer, who swore we would fall in love with their incredible delicious sandwiches. Boy, did we ever! Though the prices were a bit on the steep side, it seemed to us that there could be no sandwich equal to the scrumptious delights that were served to us in this quaint little café. I’m projecting my own opinion upon our group, of course. I do that. I must reserve a special spot in this review for a newfound declaration of affection for Anil’s homemade ice cream (Anil being the 22 year old founder!), which came in such fantastic flavors as dolce de leche, chocolate hazelnut, and roasted almond. That tasty treat alone was worth the five hour drive! And the other desserts…don’t even get me started! I could’ve spent a fortune if I’d sampled all of the various choices that caught my eye and tempted me with their visual decadence! Overall, I would give this cozy little haven 4.5 out of 5 ninja stars.



Jaho Coffee & Tea and its founder, Anil Mezini

In stark comparison was the cheaper yet far inferior diner, The Brothers (again, my own projected opinion). I have no real complaints about the food or the service. There were no servers; you ordered in a line that seemed a little too akin to those found in elementary schools all across the nation. What struck me and a number of others as particularly abhorrent about this eatery was the condition of the restrooms. No one enters a public restroom expecting it to be just like that found in one’s home sweet home, but this was ridiculously disgusting. I’m considering sharing the details, only I don’t want to gross people out too much. I’m also willing to consider that perhaps the cleaning crew had failed to show up that day and, therefore, were unable to remedy the inches of filth that threatened our already lax standards of public restroom sanitation. And did I mention that the men’s room was laid out in such a way that the urinals were in view when the door was opened? Yes, that was a bit awkward, both for us and one of our fellow club members. Despite these atrocities, however, I did enjoy my French Toast. Given such, I am willing to grant Brothers a reluctant one-and-a-half blunt, rusty ninja stars.



Curious travelers need not heed this review as anything more than one reviewer’s observations, even if I declare it to be that of a large group of equal minded club members.





2 Responses

  1. Note from TMV,

    I like Brothers! They are an oasis of affordability in a desert of high priced food. As for the bathrooms, that speaks more of humanity than the restaurant. I suggest giving them a shot if you are in the area. They handle high volumes of people quickly so if you are in a group you’ll be good to go in a hurry.

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