The Library Club’ Youtube Review

From Rachel

Coming from a physics background, I personally think the above is a
fascinating demonstration of basic physical principles.  Others may
beg to differ…

From Sinana


I liked it very much because the story is very interesting. This beautiful singer became famous because of youtube. She just recorded her song and broadcasted in youtube. After 2.3 million click, she is assumed one of the superstars in USA. Further, her article was written in Wall Street Journal.

From Meghan

Drama Prarie Dog
This critter’s ready for a career in a soap opera.

Japanese Game Show
Takes place in a library, and the loser faces come awful consequences.

Human Tetris
Another Japanese game show, where the contestants have to fit into the shapes.

Trigger Happy TV
Careful walking the streets of London, you never what can happen…

This guy is amazing on ukulele, playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.


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