The Library Club Youtube Review

cute baby sloth

Indian Thriller

Same as above, but with Misheard lyrics subtitles

Llama song

Google Hacks

Google Video Hack

They are also Ninjas

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2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on Google Hacks, I learnt more in the last few minutes than I have in listening to or reading guru’s revelations that I have had to pay for.
    Would you have a series on using Google for Competition research and other internet marketing exercises?

  2. We are glad you enjoyed the post, our next post is for you and the people also enjoyed it. Keep in mind we didn’t make the videos, they were pick out of thousands on Youtube.

    Our current focus will be on creating tutorials demonstrating the why the library databases are better than Google.

    As for internet research, I did some and learned how to get this blog #1 on Google and other major search engines. It would make a nice post some day….

    All the best,

    LC Adviser

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