A LONG overdue Web Review

A quick pick meup. 15 seconds a pure ridiculous pleasure. No I am not reviewing anything sexual. Sickos, get your minds out of the gutter.

There comes a time in the day, no matter how you spend your days, where the monotony of it all just gets to be too much. I have found that these two comics are often the laugh I need to keep moving. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my life, I do (very much so). However, I quite often need a good laugh.

The first comic is produced by an artist named Natalie Dee. Its updated every night at midnight.

The second comic is a collaboration of Natalie Dee and her husband Drew. Again, updated at midnight, everynight, without fail.

Drew also has his own comic, but I am not much a fan of it. However to be fair, I will post the link incase you find it enjoyable.

They also sell tshirts! I know I’m sporting my “You have Cholera!” t-shirt as we speak.

More updates coming soon I promise. Its about time we get this blog back up and running.



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