Halloween Contests and Prizes


This Halloween The Library Club will hold a number of contests in the library galleria, including Best Costume, Most Original Costume, Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, and Best Carved Pumpkin (must be pre-carved and must be left with library staff).

The following is a list of prizes that will be awarded to the winners:

$50 Wild By Nature gift certificate

$25 Chili’s gift certificate

Free passes to many of the events at Sports Plus

*Laser Tag

*Rock Climbing


*Ice Skating

Utopia gift certificate

Jasmine buffet gift certificate

Coca Cola duffel bag

Coca Cola chair

And many more raffle prizes for those who participate!

Participants must either register at the horseshoe on the first floor (across from the Central Reading Room) or email their entry to thelibraryclub@gmail.com. Pictures of costumes and pumpkins will be taken between noon and 3pm and judged by staff members. Winners will be posted on the Library Club blog the first week in November. (https://thelibraryclub.wordpress.com/sbu-library-halloween-party/)

Prizes will be awarded on a first come first serve basis, meaning the first winner to come to the main circulation department may choose one of these prizes.

Be sure to visit the club’s House of Horrors, located in the lounge near the 1st floor sinc site. Free treats, such as pie, cookies, candy, coffee, and cider will be inside if you’re brave enough to make it through! We look forward to seeing you. Thanks in advance for joining us in the holiday celebration!!

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