Our Own Radio Station!

Thanks to amazing power of Yahoo! and Launchcast, a radio station has been designed to fit the needs of our very own Library Club.

Really, it was just an excuse to get everyone to listen to my favorite bands. If you feel a band is missing please let me know and I may consider including them. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all covered…from Missy Elliot to the Beatles to Nine Inch Nails.

The Magical Link to our Magical Station:


-Posted by the no longer MIA Lauren.


One Response

  1. Do you plan on playing independent bands?
    If you are, check these two out, they’re both good friends of mine and really good.

    http://www.strapontools.org / http://myspace.com/strapontools
    http://www.jemo.net / http://myspace.com/jemo

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