Trip to The New York Public Library

(Kenneth Preston, Meghan Lenahan, Steven Lee, Kristen Reynolds)

Working in the NYPL library was a great experience. Since it was right next to Times Sq, one of New York’s #1 tourist spot, I meet and assisted a lot of tourist in the microforms department. Many tourist were confused as to why they couldn’t borrow books, and they don’t even get the books, we get the books for them. It’s a research library, and it not a library that circulates (lend) books to the public, but they can go across the street to one of NYPL’s branch libraries to borrow books. The library was a huge place to work in, but the main stacks are similar so it’s not so hard to get lost..the basement is another story. The basement has all these pips and wires, it seemed like a dark haunted house, or library. The library uses elevators and a vacum tube message style system. When a patron requests for a book, they fill out a request slip. The request slip is then put in a metal like bottle and put in through a vacumm tube where then the bottle goes to where the book’s floor is located. From there, a worker finds the book on the shelve, and puts it in the small book elevators. There it goes back up to the main reading room where you pick up the book. The workers there are very friendly and the environment is a great place to work.

-Steven Lee

More Pictures of NYPL and MOMA:


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