Sachem Public Library

On Sunday June 11th, the Library Club went on an outing to an Outdoor Art Show at Sachem Public Library in Holbrook. There, we saw the artists display their various forms of artwork, including watercolour, pastels, and photography, right on the front lawn of the library. We also took a look around the library itself.

Photos by Meghan

Photo descriptions:
Main entrance to Sachem Library
A section of the art displays
Inside the Children’s section, with a castle display for their summer reading programme
Children’s section, in the Multi Language Collection with the words for “read” in various languages
The fireplace, with artwork depicting “The Lady of the Lake” (of Lake Ronkonkoma)
Teen’s Section, Bart Simpson as a pirate with a pirate ship.


2 Responses

  1. where do i fine driving direction from the Bronx to your Library?

  2. Here you go…contact us if you have any other questions.

    SBU’s Directions

    Google Maps

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