The Library Club

 The bread was Tuscan, white in color, toasted to a slight crisp and
sprinkled with oregano.  Inside the sandwich the Russian dressing was
pressed between moist turkey breast and melted Swiss cheese that
gratuitously melted out of it's borders.  In a word, it was exquisite.
 The Tacchino e Formaggio sandwich.
It was served with a tall glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon and
a small but delicious tomato salad and the total package costs $7.00.
This sandwich and it's bretheren can be found at the University Cafe,
located in the Student Union, facing the Sports Complex.  They serve
lunch from noon until 4pm.
From 5pm until midnight the University Cafe opens it's bar.
Technically the a Graduate student lounge, the Cafe is open to all
members of the campus community.
Submitted by Greg 

The University Café is a swanky place.  Unofficially the birthplace of the library club, I say that because our first official meetings were held there.  I had not visited the café during day so I was very pleased to see that they were open, though to my horror they do not serve alcoholic beverages during the day.  That is quite the bummer.  I hope the authorities lighten up a bit.  I had ‘mozzarella caprese’, which was very yummy indeed with lovely lemonade.    

Nevertheless, I miss The Spot.  Good times, indeed.  The café will be as fun as people who go, so I suggest checking it out.


Be sure to check out the official web site for the café, and we stole a menu so ya’ll can take a look.

Submitted by Victor



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