The Library Club Youtube Review

“I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!”

That’s right.  The JUGGERNAUT…Bitch!

Clips from the old X-Men animated series, but their voices are dubbed over. 

Wikipedia Entry:

Liandra (the chick with the mohawk)
Professor Charles Xavier
The Juggernaut
Black Tom Cassidy (the bearded dude with the pimp cane)
Erik the Red (the dude in the red armour)
Banshee (the dude in green & yellow)
Gladiator (the purple dude with the blue mohawk)
Gambit )

“Crazy Impatient German Kid” Kids these days have no patience.  But nothing’s scarier than this kid yelling at the computer, waiting for his damn game to load.  In German.  The version with subtitles can be found here:[Youtube=]

Submitted by Meghan

How to keep a Band-Aid on all day Japanese Style!


Submitted by Victor


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