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The internet makes the distribution of digital media readily available so it is not surprising when something controversial happens on TV that it pops up all over the internet quickly. 

Steven Colbert’s Correspondent’s speech is one such phenomenon.  That said, C-SPAN has asked and  to remove Steven Colbert’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner speech citing that the footage was the property of C-SPAN.

Ergo, I cannot ‘legally’ post the video like the other Youtube Review’s.

Politics aside, the issues of digital proprietary content and its distribution over networks remains a point of contention among publishers, libraries and internet providers alike.  Those who own and demand royalties for works state copyright laws keep creativity on the move by making it profitable, others say the unreasonable limitations they impose stifles creativity while perpetuating a system of corruption…

I just wanted to show a funny video and not get in trouble with ‘The Man’ so I will just point you to it….

If you feel one way or another, leave a comment.


Google Video did reach an agreement.

Colbert’s Speech on Google Video

MSN Report

C-SPAN is selling the video here…

Blogs Reporting On the Speech,70849-0.html?tw=wn_politics_1


5 Responses

  1. Yes, it’s just like what happend with SNL “Lazy Sunday”. That video can still be watched on the NBC site. The Colbert video is still available on Google (with an agreement with C-SPAN). Do you have a section on Google Vids Victor?

    (PS. Thanks for the link!)

  2. You have a great site Robert. I hope some of our readers check it out. It is always good to meet cool people on the internet that appreciate its potential. 🙂

    We have an account with Google, though we have been using because it is kind of a happening place.

    I wish you the best of luck with your site, and thank you for the comment!


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