The Library Club Web Review

You have to check this out 

Here's the review for "Ice Age 2 The Meltdown"

Be sure to check in before going to the theatre.  You never know what evils
Hollywood might be trying to force upon you.

Submitted by Kristen  

Hi! I love reading Letterman's Top Ten List. It can be
that little ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy
day. It's updated daily. The lists about Bush are
hysterical! Check it out!

Submitted by Kenny P


I often am asked how I find out about cool websites.  One very interesting way is by the social bookmarking site  Social bookmaking is away to explore what other people have bookmarked and explore the bookmarks of whomever else bookmarked the same page.  This creates a very cool web of interrelated links to explore.  All for free!  🙂

Be sure to check out The Library Clubs account.

Submitted by Victor 


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