MySpace, Your Space, Everybody’s Space Space.

How r ya doin? How's it goin? Yeah? Good. I'm glad. How's your MySpace profile lookin? Yeah? It's good. If we were in second grade.

Ok, that was a bit spiteful, but honestly, your Myspace Sucks; with a capital 'S'. Hey, I know it's not your fault. You just don't know about HTML. It's a scary thing: Hyper Text Markup Language…. So, instead you went to one of those sites that allow you to "design" your MySpace from their templates. But lets be honest with each other. Those websites suck. They suck big, fat…

…lollipops. They suck lollipops. (I know, lollipops taste good. But they cause toothdecay, and you don't want to be messing around with something decayed, do you? DO YOU!? Ok, besides the occasional freak, that's almost an unanimous no. Getting back to the point…)

Thousands of people suffer from HTML dysfunction, but you don't have to be one of them. The simple solution is Yes, They have so many codes you can make 50 MySpace accounts.

So here's what you do. You go to find the code that you want, highlight it, copy it, and paste it into the "About Me" section (or any section, it doesn't matter) when you're editing your profile.

For example, you want to change your background to a cool image instead of the cheesey paisley print you have goin on. Go to, copy the background image code (found about one fifth of the way down the page), paste it into the "About Me" section. Then, where it says:

-image:url(http://img.photobucket…/Dragon1G.bmp) ;

put INSIDE the parenthesis the url of the image you want (take the old one out). Quit cheat: google search for images you want, click on on the image you want, click where it says "See full size image" and when the page comes up with only the image you want, copy and paste that url into the parenthesis. A lot of HTML is putting in either an url, or the name of a color. The codes will say where you need to make the changes. (Also, you will want to put the 'transparent code' in to make your background image appear; this code is found about eight boxes up from the background code, it says: 'transparent code.')
The plus side: the site has more codes than you'll probably ever use, like a Gabillion. The down side? It's kind of hard to find the codes you want. You'll do a fair share of searching up and down the page, but you'll get used to it.
Before you go off and build the best MySpace profile ever created in the history of homo sapien sapien, I'd like to leave you with this gentle suggestion. Space your codes out; separate them with a few hits of the enter key. This will make any future editing so much easier.

For the most part, have fun, experiment and don't worry that you'll mess anything up. If worst comes to worse just delete all the code you've put and everything will return to normal. I promise.



3 Responses

  1. I like this post, seeing as how its my site..


  2. Ok Ok youre right again ! BUT you can in fact make ‘myspace’ look visually impressive….

    the answer is not ‘go to this cool site and pimp something’ its LEARN CSS AND HTML, and a bit of design knowhow.

    my profile, doesnt look anything like the original crappy myspace, take alook.

    let me know what you think

    from snail

  3. I feel two ways about the issue of ‘myspace’ generators and the like. On one hand it facilitates interaction in that people are more likely to use a site if they have the freedom to modify it easily. On the other hand, serious participation on the web should involve an understanding of the underlying technologies.

    In the end I’d rather see a person take the time to learn the codes to fashion their site over the use of generators, but I’d rather see a person use a generator than not participate at all.

    LC Advisor

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