Boredom is a curious thing. It leads to wandering around looking for things to do, eating excessive amounts of ice cream, and visiting websites with questionable content. Recently, sitting around bored and waiting for something to happen, anything, I was staring blankly at my homepage until a sudden loud noise rose me from spacing out and I saw a link.  A few mouse clicks later I was reading an interesting, informative webpage which coincidentally, rides well with the Guide to Road Trips. It is the Shotgun Guide and has everything you need to know to succesfully call shotgun on any car trip. The website runs the gamut of the rules, from simply calling shotgun, where and when it can be called, and when the shotgun rule is overrided (such as when the drivers lover, partner, or potential murder victim is riding). Beyond the basic rules there are a slue of admendments that cover every single contingency; my personal favorite is Admendment XVI, simply because I'm a Star Wars fan and I'm writing this post. However, the sheer amount of admendments did give my ADD a run for it's money. That said, you should print out this valuable document and keep it in the glove compartment of your car in the event of any shotgun related squables, but typically, the driver has the last say (rule 1.8).

Posted by Greg


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