The Library Club Website Reviews

Whenever I find myself bored, or just need a break from the weight of college work, I like to go to  There are also tons of pictures submitted by users from all over as well as flash games for entertainment, but I go there mainly for videos.  The site is aptly named College Humor because many of the humor found on it are: 1) submitted by college students, and 2) meant to be viewed by people of at lest college age.

Submitted by Greg

How stuff works is an incredible site that explains how nearly anything you can think of works. For example, light sabers, the human eye, bowling pinsetters, the economy, zippers…you name it, and they explain it. Hint: Select ‘print view’ even if you do not intend to print, this way you avoid having to stare at the ads.

Ever wanted to go to a web site but they make you register? Chances are this site has a user name and password. Simply enter the URL and with luck, you will have the user name and password to get around the registration.

Submitted by Victor

Many of you probably already have heard of Launchcast. So why would I sumbit it? Well, I happen to be a music lover, who cannot stand mainstream radio. With Launchcast you have the amazing ablitity to build your own radio station. Many sites boast the same ability, but none come close to Launchcast, purely because at Launch, they really do listen to your requests. All you need is a Yahoo! ID to get started. And its FREE!

Submitted by Lauren


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