Welcome to the SBU Library Club Blog!

Welcome to the SBU Library Club Blog!

What is The Library Club all about?

The Library club is primarily made up of students that work in the library as well as their friends. The goal is to create a community of people that will work for the common goal of making the college experience at SBU better.

The Library Club will help the Library by working with the Library to make it as student friendly as possible. This gives plenty of room for adding to a resume by dealing with the staff and faculty directly.
Since the Library Club is made mostly of fellow student workers and their friends it is a great place to meet friends.

The Library has always been a very social place; together we can make the best Library imaginable while doing some good and having a good time with your friends.

If you would like to submit art, poetry, photos, essays, rants, great/dumb ideas, personal stories and news stories feel free to at (mail).
All works that appear on the site are protected by Creative Commons 2.5 License ((www)) unless “otherwise marked”.

Wonderful Disclaimer! The views on this blog are not necessarily the view of Stony Brook University (referred to as SBU) or any affiliates including the SBU Library Club. This blog is not in any way endorsed by SBU or any SBU affiliates. The views expressed are only of those produced by the author(s) of the work in question and we are not even sure of that or who they are. There are no warranties that anything we say or any link on the site is factual and you use this blog at your own risk! By clicking on a link or posting you have agreed to the terms. Now that is out of they way, it is time for some fun….

More blogs about the library club.

More blogs about the library club.


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